Private Dining in Newcastle

VIP Private Dining in Newcastle

We offer exceptional, VIP private dining in Newcastle for you and your guests. A restaurant within-a-restaurant.

Our private¬†dining area can seat up to 12 people and is all yours to enjoy! It can be fully closed off or left open, whichever you prefer. It’s your night, it’s your VIP room, so it’s up to you how you decide to have it!

Want even more people? We can seat up to 60 people in a semi-private area. We will section off one whole side of the restaurant. A totally separate section of our fabulous restaurant, just for you.

So whether it’s a special Birthday celebration, an important business lunch or any type of celebration with family or friends. We believe, we have the perfect location for you to come and feel special. Allow us to make it a unique occasion, by showing you our renowned hospitality and service, in your own private space.

Both areas are ideal for private functions big or small.

For more information feel free to ask us on the contact page or call the restaurant direct.